6,000+ Trusted B2B Clients

Streamlined Revenue opportunities for b2B.

We empower existing sales organizations to leverage our platforms and opportunities to generate new revenue streams.

Enterprise Solutions Designed for B2B Sales Organizations
Robust Proprietary Cloud Software Platform
Streamlined Products, Services & and Turn-Key Opportunities
Training, Marketing, and Support to Succeed

Over $550 million in 2023 Funded to our clients through our Platforms

Our turn-key enterprise solutions have enabled our partners to create new sales channels using our platforms and products. As a result, they have generated additional revenue streams and are providing more value to their clients.

Turn-Key B2B Opportunities

Our enterprise products create serious impact and generate serious revenue.

Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

Refer businesses to an automated sales channel of experts to help businesses obtain their ERC Funds.

Oaceus 360° Wellness Plan

A platform to impact businesses by  implementing wellness plan, lower costs, and earn per enrolled life.

OaceusX Executive Bonus Plan

Offer Section 162 – Powerful bonus compensation in the form of a life insurance policy.

Oaceus Primary Health

Affordable Direct Primary Care Plus Programs, through unlimited primary care, a robust pharmacy, and mental wellness programs.

Why Vantage?

Proven b2B opportunities

Our lucrative opportunities are backed by real data and real revenue from our clients and sales organizations.

Streamlined revenue

Our solutions are created for existing sales organizations. Literally “turn on” new revenue streams for your company.

Tech Infrastructure

Our platforms offer end-to-end solutions and web portals for sales agents, clients, and management.

Our Tech & Platforms

Cloud Infrastructure

End-to-end tech stack to support agents, clients, and your company.

Agent Portals

A complete toolkit for your agents to hit the ground running.

Client Portals

Onboarding new clients for our products and opportunities was never easier.

Management Portals

Full insights into your organization, complete visibility and transparency.

Sales Process Management

Full pipeline sales process to easily track sales and move the needle.

Insights and Reporting

Full KPI stacks and commission reporting engine.

Training, Marketing

Done for your education,  training, and marketing collateral from digital to print.

View our full enterprise tech stack